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Did you recently discover PeepCode? Here’s the best way to view the existing screencasts:

Learn Ruby on Rails

These two screencasts will get you started with the basics of Ruby and the concepts of programming with Ruby on Rails:

If you’re ready to go further in depth with REST web services, view REST for Rails 2 next.

Behavior Driven Development

Next, learn to write specifications for your code. This is a vital skill for any developer who wants to write robust, bug-free applications.

For an advanced topic that many developers find useful, view RSpec User Stories.


Now it’s time to put your application on a webserver!

  • Capistrano 2 will teach you how to use the most popular tool for automating the deployment process.
  • Phusion Passenger™ easy Rails deployment on the Apache webserver.


Although not part of Rails itself, these tools will make the web development experience much more enjoyable.

Stay up to Date with Rails

Specific Topics

You now have the basics. Explore specific topics.

Don’t see your favorite topic here? Suggest it!

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