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Upcoming PeepCode Screencasts

Screencasts currently in production, coming soon, and planned for the future.

In Production (video drafts filmed, ready for editing)

  • RSpec Refresh – Updates of our top-selling RSpec series for Rails 4, RSpec 2, Ruby 2. Parts 1&2 are available now. Part 3 (Rails 4) is being edited right now.
  • Elixir language (Erlang VM) with Jose Valim – Learn functional programming and concurrent programming with Ruby style.
  • Play by Play: Refactoring with Katrina Owen – A live session with one of the top Ruby developers and teachers.
  • Build Your Career with Michael Lopp – Plan your career by learning from an eloquent veteran of the tech industry.

Partway done (outline, script, or demo app in development)

  • Unravel CS: Threads & Processes – Understand Computer Science with easy but thorough explanations.
  • Unravel CS: Encryption – Understand Computer Science with easy but thorough explanations.

In the (not too distant) Future

  • Ember.js and Rails 4 – Using Ember.js with server-side data.
  • Angular.js – The popular client-side JavaScript framework from Google.
  • Meet Rails 4 – Get started with the mainstream web framework.
  • Client side JavaScript – Ember.js, Sencha Touch, and other client-side UI development frameworks.
  • Play by Play – Live sessions with top developers on development workflow, tooling, and coding philosophy.
  • Git Refresh – An update of our top-selling screencast for those new to Git. (Advanced Git now available)
  • JavaScript Basics – The eventual world domination of JavaScript is inevitable. Get to know and love the language.
  • HTML5 – Get up to speed on the next generation of web development. The canvas, new tags, client side storage.
  • CSS – Get a grip on the basics of visual layout, typography, and styling of websites.
  • …and other top secret topics, too!

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Questions? Contact peepcode@topfunky.com or suggest a topic.

Note: We can’t guarantee release dates but hope to publish these sometime in 2013 (several are in process already).

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