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PeepCode Reviews

PeepCode is awesome!
Tim O'Reilly, O'Reilly Media
I suspect there are a lot of smart DF readers out there who know nothing about the Unix-y aspects of Mac OS X, would like to, but never found a good way to get started. This screencast is it.
John Gruber, Daring Fireball
Absolutely fantastic - I haven't seen a PeepCode screencast before and I'm super impressed with the level of graphics/audio...I just finished it and it really is a great intro. Well done.
David Kaneda, author of jQTouch
These things are fantastic and the price is a steal. I strongly urge you to support this effort and buy the episodes. What a terrific way to learn!
Scott Barron, Rails Core Committer
I think you're going to have a lot of happy campers here. Wondering how to get started with the basic bare bones of a Backbone app is a very common request, and you nailed it.
Jeremy Ashkenas, creator of Backbone.js
I watched the PeepCode Screencast with Jose and it’s like two hours long going through a simple project in Elixir from like the bare beginnings. And it was very, very informative. I enjoyed it.
Avdi Grimm, Ruby Rogues
Just finished the [Meet Elixir video] by @peepcode. It feels like the beginning of a new era.
Watching the @peepcode Play by Play with @tenderlove and it really is an awesome idea to watch the workflow of good developers!
The new @peepcode featuring @rands is awesome. 'Deathly afraid of being irrelevant' is officially my favorite phrase.
Benjamin Tan Wei Hao
Today I leveled up my Ember skills thanks to @peepcode and having hard problems to solve on hand.
Eric Berry
Really enjoying elixir... hearing Jose explains things is really eye opening. Good work peepcode.
Just watched Elixir screencast from @peepcode by @josevalim. Super interesting language, some great ideas.
Mark Dodwell
Just watched @josevalim @peepcode screencast about elixir. Lot of food for thought. Nice approach to get started into functional programming.
Borja Martin
I'm watching the @peepcode on #Elixir. Not only is it the Best Peepcode I ever saw but Elixir is AMAZING!
Andrei Ursan
Half way through the @peepcode #elixir screen cast with @josevalim...I think I've found my next language.
Andy Britcliffe
Elixir is like a beautiful love-child of Ruby and Prolog. So excited by it!
Jeremy Walker
It's a work of art.
Daniel Upton
José Valim's PeepCode screencast on Elixir is fantastic. Well worth the [price] for 2 hours of great content for an intro to Elixir.
Chris McCord
This 'Meet Elixir' screencast by @josevalim over on PeepCode is really, really good.
The RSpec series by @peepcode is very well done. Worth a watch even if you're fairly comfortable with it.
Rizwan Reza
Only 15 minutes into Peepcode Rspec2 part 3 and it's excellently done!
Brian Kelly
The refactoring talk by @r00k on @peepcode is alone worth the cost of an unlimited membership. Very informative and practical.
Geoff Lanotte
Wow, the play-by-play from @r00k may be the best Peepcode video I've seen yet.
Dustin Coates
The new @peepcode video on Troubleshooting is excellent. Reminds me of Pólya’s book How to Solve It.
Andrew Broman
Fantastic fantastic screencast on gallery-css. definitely worth the $12.
Luke Chesser
Watched the screencast on my flight in today, very insightful, looking forward to putting this CSS Gallery to good use!
Kevin Wynn
Best / most useful screencast I ever bought.
Julio Cesar Ody
The new PeepCode “Play by Play” with Ben Orenstein (@r00k) is sensational.
James Edward Gray II
Peepcode ‘s Refactoring with @r00k was cool. Enjoyed watching clean simple steps to make already good code better.
Tony Semana
Enjoyed RSpec I and RSpec II by Peepcode... Not only covers the syntax of RSpec but also how best to use it.
Brian Kelly
Recommend anyone wanting a heads up on developing @emberjs apps invests in this video. Well worth the small price .
Peter Sellars
Looking for a good EmberJs walkthrough? Check Peepcode... Indepth, clear, solid example and AWESOME!
Sebastiaan Parijs
Never lol’d so much at a tech vidya. Cool pairing style, nice eeking out of the design, priceless quotes.
Steven Holdsworth
Great screencast about TDD and pair programming with @tenderlove and @coreyhaines on @peepcode! 100% recommended. Thank you guys!
Victor Cruz
Forget House of Cards and Downton Abbey. The perfect Thu night show is Fire up Ember.
Balint Erdi
I learned more in 3 hours than I have in my best previous 30 hours in the 2 years I've been following Sproutcore/EmberJS. It is the finest training video I have seen in a very long time. Best 12 bucks I've spent.
Scott Smith
If you're getting your feet wet with Ember.js, the peepcode screencast can save you a ton of time.
Balint Erdi
The Peepcode episode with @tenderlove and @coreyhaines was so far one of the best ones I have watched.
Stefan Kohler
I cried with joy and jealousy when I watched the Play by Play thanks for some much love and awesomeness.
J-P Lambert
This [Peepcode] PBP with Corey Haines and Aaron Patteron shows how awesome and fun pairing can be!
Stephen Ball
Attempting to be sponge-like while I watch Kyle Neath's Peepcode video. Definitely worth watching
Bridgid Gallagher
The [Ember.js] peepcode is super worth the $12, it's one of the best I've seen @topfunky do.
Steve Klabnik
Thank you for the Peepcode screencast on email! I didn't expect these kinds of benefits from a 45min cast.
Matthew Weitzel
Geoffrey Grosenbach (@topfunky) has done it again with a great refresh of the RSpec series on Peepcode. Whether you are a budding Rubyist or simply interested in BDD this series comes highly recommended.
Steven Holdsworth
Holy crap, Peepcode’s ember.js video/pdf/code is amazing. I solved like, 10 problems in one source read.
Kurtis R.G.
The PeepCode Fire Up Ember.js screencast is absolutely essential if you hope to do ember.js development. It's provided me with countless moments of sudden clarity.
Chris @gopherkhan
Thank you Peepcode for making an up-to-date ember.js tutorial. I've wanted to love Ember for so long, I just needed to understand it.
Scott Douglass
Bravo Peepcode for the “Fire Up Ember” screencast. One of the finest ones yet, complete with many “Aha!” moments.
Christopher Dell
Watching the new Ember.js screencast from Peepcode and I got to say the new Router API is mind blowing!!
Julien Knebel
Anyone interested in Ember.js should check out the Peepcode screencast. It does a great job of tying all the concepts together.
Phillip Poots
I really enjoyed it. It clarified a lot of things I was scrapping from blog posts and the guides.
Mark Bates
The Peepcode Ember.js video is excellent. I highly recommend everybody purchase
Brian Cardarella
The Peepcode video tutorial on ember.js is awesome. Best tutorial for ember.js
Die Entwickler
Really enjoying Peepcode's emberjs screencast. Clarifies a lot of questions I've had.
Martin Stannard
The Ember.js screencast from the folks at Peepcode is pretty amazing.
Ramkumar Shankar
Got a chance to watch the Peepcode video on ember.js. Awesome job. Highly recommend and for only $12. Definitely worth it.
James Manera
Thanks Peepcode for great Chef screencasts. Our team is totally rockin' it now. Consciously-incompetent but improving!
David Parry
I've watched the Peepcode video with @tenderlove about 4 times now and picked up new Vim, Ruby or Rails tips every single time. So good.
Jack Franklin
Thanks to Rspec, now I can sleep ok, my production app is validated. :)
David Valin
I'm seriously impressed with the clarity of @PeepCode's screencasts. Absolutely worth the $12 spent to learn so much!
Molly Watson
Watching @tenderlove go through his PbP on Peepcode was amazing. The man has no respect for anything and will rewrite whatever bothers him.
Aldric Giacomoni
My new favorite TDD intro screencast! It touches every tiny detail to get you on the right track. Congrats to Topfunky.
David Garcia Chaves
RSpec 2: The Basics | PeepCode Screencasts ~ worth it's digital weight in gold
John Griffiths
Sometimes usage of a tool boils down to whether or not there's a Peepcode available!
Jigyasa Makkar
The Peepcode screencast on Chef is excellent. Very clear and grounded in practical application.
Jeremy Gailor
@Peepcode- After a long time of having Raphael JS screen cast, I finally put some code into production. Co-workers wowed. Thank you.
John Ivanoff
Delighted with the Chef Part 1 screencast. Watched it in the morning; it saved me time and money in the afternoon.
Andy Stewart
Thanks for making ops interesting!
Mark Jones
The most valuable screencast from Peepcode about Backbone for me: Backbone Persistence.
Aldo Nievas
I think your Play By Play series is brilliant – taps perfectly into the zeitgeist. Bravo.
Dan Grigsby, entrepreneur
Really liked the latest Peepcode screencast on Chef. Will definitely be re-watching and digging into Chef more.
Andrew Burgess
Watching @mrgan at Peepcode, great insights!
Lennon Shimokawa
Really great getting a look at your workflow and how you go through the problem solving process.
Jordan Borth
Great improvised mini-lecture/process video— I listen to @mrgan talk all the time, and this was still enthralling.
Christa Mrgan
Peepcode's screencast with @creationix about Node.js was interesting and entertaining.
Node.js News
Love Peepcode's ability to introduce you to new technology quickly. Especially when you're in a hurry to ramp up.
Marc Grabanski
Both of Ryan Singer peepcode Play by Play screencasts are really cool. Since I am design impaired it was priceless.
Krešimir Bojčić
The play-by-plays are the best videos on Peepcode. I've been a Rails dev for 5 years. The more I learn about rails the harder it is to learn new tricks. You hit a homerun with this series.
Dale Bertrand
Ryan Singer's Peepcode tutorial on UX sketching was brilliant.
Kyro Beshay
Both of Ryan Singer peepcode Play by Play screencasts are really cool. Since I am design impaired it was priceless.
Krešimir Bojčić
Watched the new Peepcode Play By Play with @creationix. Good stuff on nodejs, nice to see javascript everywhere from server to client :)
Dave Mosher
Watching Aaron Patterson coding record by Peepcode, it's pretty fun. Never thought that I can laugh while watching people do programming.
It's incredible how much time and pain I have saved using @wycats' pry debugging techniques from his Peepcode screencast. Thank you so much
Aaron Cruz
Spent saturday arvo watching the ryan singer play by plays on Peepcode, sunday arvo kyle neath's - both are awesome, highly recommended
John Barton
This Peepcode video tutorial is great for getting a peek at what backbone-js is great at.
Jankees van Woezik
I highly recommend Peepcode's "Meet CoffeeScript", great quick intro to the language.
Alex Moore
Went back and watched the Peepcode Vim screencasts last night. So useful to re-watch once you've heavily used it. Absorbed so much more.
Justin Etheredge
It was great to see the way you work through problems and the tools you use.
Ray Rogers
Wondering about html5 caching's current state of affairs?HTML5 Browser Caching @peepcode is awesome!
Just finished watching over lunch Peepcode's Node.js Part 1 video. Awesome!
Anthony Zatelli
The Peepcode Git Internals PDF is the Git documentation I wish I had started with five years ago. Superb.
Just re-watched Play by Play with Ryan Singer @rjs on UI design. Great educational video. Thanks to him and PeepCode!
Semyon Perepelitsa
Feel like I've got a really good grasp of Node development thanks to Peepcode. Your Full Stack Node.js screencast is amazing.
Matt Schofield
Both EventMachine episodes from Peepcode are pretty good. The first part is the best introduction to the subject I’ve found so far.
Javier Acero
I highly recommend the Peepcode screencast for coffee script. Fantastic for beginners, and javascript beginners alike!
Paul uπr Morrison
Just finished watching @tenderlove on Peepcode. It's awesome just to watch an excellent developer's process. I learned a lot, thanks!
Nathaniel Barnes
I'm less than 5 minutes into @tenderlove's Peepcode Play by Play, and I've already learned an insanely useful trick! This is gonna rock!
Sand Ridge Labs
Watching the newest Peepcode play by play with @kneath. Kyle, you are a freaking genius. Just saying.
Jonathan Bake
Watching the Peepcode play-by-play with @tenderlove. Mind already blown at 4:47 by his Terminal trickery. Watch it!
Olivier Lacan
I bought all three PeepCodes on the topic and have watched them all now a few times (they are densely packed with good material).
Patrick Altman
learning how awesome backbone.js is via Peepcode!
Thaisan Tonthat
Loving the Backbone peep codes. Now the whole team is on the backbone bandwagon.
Scott Woody
Just bought Full Stack Node.js Part 1 from PeepCode. Learned some tricks...REALLY solid screencast.
Andre Tangen
...an excellent quick start to full stack Node.js development.
Joe Roberts
Did the latest Peepcode tutorial on node last night and learned a handful of new things about express/npm. Worth your money!
Wes Bos
Thank you so much for Full Stack Node.js pt 1. It was exactly what I needed!
Chris Knadler
As someone who's watched almost every Peepcode screen cast, I think I can safely say that "Full Stack Node.js" is the best yet.
David Kormushoff
If you are looking into Node.js, please get Peepcode's new production. It would have saved me easily 30 hours a few months ago.
Jeffrey Gonzalez
I just wanted to say, I absolutely LOVED the Play by Play with @tenderlove... Excellent work! Please do more of these!!! They are sooo inspiring and helpful
Patrick J Collins
Oh you bastards! I thought I was done with this PbP addiction...apparently not!
As expected, the PeepCode PBP with @tenderlove rules.
Jimmy Cuadra
Best $12 I've spent in a very long time. And my favorite of the PbP series
Philipp Weissensteiner
This is very cool.
Samuel Morello
PeepCode HTML5 Browser Caching is an hour well spent.
Anders Janmyr
Thank you for making a Coffeescript screencast last year. only 25 mins in and I've enjoyed several "aha!" moments :)
Peepcode's latest "HTML5: Browser Caching" is worth every penny: Manifest caching, localStorage, etc.
Ilya Grigorik
I felt pretty safe with git before, but after watching Peepcode's Advanced Git. I'm safe, nothing can go wrong!
Andreas Wålm
Sometimes, with professionally created teaching products, I find that the money is spent more on superficial production values than anything else, but this is not the case here - although it is a very polished product, it is evident that it is also very well thought-out, and that a lot of testing and planning has foregone the recording. Heartily recommended!
Jacob Waller
The Advanced Git screencast PeepCode is so epic, I'm gonna have to watch it once more before going to sleep!
Jakub Arnold
Watching the latest PeepCode vid, "Advanced Git". Occasional explosions of revelation lighting murky areas of my Git comprehension.
Trevor Bramble
Another great PeepCode screencast covering advanced Git usage.
Fabien Penso
Tons of advanced Git knowledge and confidence for only $12 at PeepCode!
Phillipp Bosch
I finally understand what difference "git reset --hard" and "git reflog" can make. Just imagine it!
Nils Riedemann
If you are a UX designer, these PeepCode videos of @rjs are worth the $24 and features some great insight!
Bryan Sebastian
PeepCode made it difficult to enjoy other sources for learning, as their quality standard is unreachable. Just sayin'.
@sleeptillseven via Twitter
The PeepCode CoffeeScript video...is solid without being a fanboy; accurately showing strengths, weaknesses, and usage patterns
Ryan Keeter
Been monitoring @peepcode backbone.js I've purchased all 3 and after watching episode 1 can see the benefits for a work project.
I was finally able to enjoy the Meet Rails 3 screencast from @peepcode today. Took Six pages of notes and I'm buying the sequel.
Scott Horsfield
The latest Play by Play screencasts featuring Ryan Singer of @37signals, is a blast.
George White
Really recommend [Ryan Singer Part 2] from @peepcode...awesome to follow the thought process that goes on.
Shane Mingins
30 minutes into [Ryan Singer] Part 1 @peepcode video and he already blows my mind.
Nicola Lazzaroni
Both @peepcode casts are awesome. Love focus on "what's the fastest way to validate this test?" Will start using "design test cases".
Udo Leiteritz
The Ryan Singer movies from @peepcode are goddamn amazing.
Tim Sullivan
HOLY COW!!!!This has got to be the best idea ever. I really really like the play by plays. I just signed up today and can't wait to go through all the material. Please get more play by plays these are especially helpful! Great idea and great execution I hope you guys do well. The download rate is actually reasonable from Kuwait!
Daniel Meeks
I was always sceptical about doing heavy lifting in JavaScript, but I think Backbone.js just changed my mind. Thanks PeepCode.
Matthias Lein
PeepCode with [Ryan Singer] could be the most interesting video I've ever seen. This one video is worth my yearly sub!
Jason Welty
The PeepCode UX design screencast is easily one of the best of all I have watched so far.
Dmytrii Nagirniak
Have watched 20 minutes of the new PeepCode with Ryan Singer and I'm already incredibly inspired.
Trey Piepmeier
Just finished watching Ryan Singer's UX Sketching video from PeepCode. Awesome stuff!
Dana Janssen
Are you a designer? Do you design for web? Watch how one of the best works.
Really enjoying the PeepCode Play by Play session. There should be more of this. This [is] excellent stuff for learning!
Ferdinand Salis
Just got the [Ryan Singer] Play by Play from PeepCode. Direct access to that type of mind for 12 freaking bucks is almost too good to be true.
George Gecewicz
These new "play by play" videos are great especially if you are a freelancer or not working with other awesome folks. They really give you some insight on not just how to do something, but what their thinking while they do it. I've picked up several Vim tricks and just general workflow tips. Looking forward to more of these.
duck via Hacker News
I'm a big fan. If it's something you've just heard about or don't know anything about, there's usually no better way to get up to speed than peepcode. For stuff you know a little about, it can be slow because they take the time to lay a good foundation. If you put a dollar value on your time, PeepCode is a no-brainer.
P Christensen
The unlimited yearly plan made me a more productive programmer and it kept me up to date on what I should be learning next.
xutopia via Hacker News
The Play by plays are awesome. If you just look at a finished product, code looks so effortless. However, even experts struggle getting it right: only through understanding the problem, trial-and-error and a lot of refactoring does code become "effortless".
fdb via Hacker News
Peepcode's two command-line screencasts literally turn you into an advanced Unix command-line user in under 2 hours. Very impressed.
Vlad Gleba
The backbone.js screencast from Peepcode is just pure awesome, distilled down and served at cask-strength.
David Bock
I just had to write and say the production quality of backbone.js is phenomenal. The tech content is great, and the editing, flow and graphics bring it all together.
David Bock
...Very well done. If you don't use backbone.js check it out.
Dustin Webber
Thank you PeepCode for the excellent introduction to Backbone.js. Much more digestible than the documentation.
Simon Weare
Picked up the Backbone video last night...you guys really knocked it out of the park. [It] really cemented my understanding of how powerful Backbone can be. As usual, the video was clear, concise, and touched on all the topics necessary to get us started making extensible front-end logic. This one's another winner.
Scott Vesely
Meet PostgreSQL by @xshay and @topfunky is awesome!
Laust Rud Jacobsen
Learning about the silent-postgres ruby gem was, alone, worth the $12 cost of this screencast... clean logs make me happy
Jim Lindley
The transitions between JavaScript and CoffeeScript were brilliant! Highly recommended.
Stuart Garner
Been using #Coffeescript a while now and still learning new ideas watching the @peepcode screencast
Darren Newton
Love the @peepcode Play by Play screencasts. First 30 mins of @zedshaw's was worth the cost alone!
Joe Fiorini
The PeepCode Play by Play with Zed Shaw was pretty rad. Now I want to implement a code stats program and play with R.
Daniel Huckstep
I'm an amateur coder, but it's so good to learn that great coders' code begins the same way mine does.
Christopher F
...Really great! I never hack c or python but I'm understanding everything.
Jônatas Paganini
Well worth the money, I always learn something from Zed.
Thomas K. Nilsson
I absolutely love your product. Started with the Raphael JS screencast .. and now I'm hooked. The content is right on, the pacing is great, code samples are a good complement .. couldn't be happier. Thanks for choosing to build this business .. has made my life better .. and will hopefully enable me to make better products .. to make more lives better
Mike- Owner, Red Oak Music
As always with PeepCode, a fantastic, detailed video! Before attempting to learn any new technology, I always check to see if PeepCode has published a video on it.
Dan Harper
I just want to say that I love the Peepcode screencasts soo much! It’s getting better every time.
Kieran Klaassen
The animations showing the transformation of ordinary JS to CoffeeScript are a stroke of genius.
Throughout my transition from Ruby noob to community curmudgeon, PeepCode has been a staple in my arsenal of training tools and one I still enjoy very much. It's also the avenue I recommend most often to friends who want to learn Ruby. Thank you for keeping up the quality of what PeepCode means.
Jeff Whitmire, developer
New CoffeeScript screencast by PeepCode is very very good. Best so far!
Michael Levin
The animations in the CoffeeScript PeepCode episode nail Coffee's best feature, noisy syntax just fades away.
Josh Peek, Co-Author of CoffeeScript-based Pow server
@peepcode's Play By Play are proving to be great learning experience.
Anthony Green
Vim keystroke explanations on @peepcode are absurdly awesome. z is for code folding - looks like a folded piece of paper
Chris Homer
I just want to say that I absolutely love your "Play by Play" series and can hardly wait for the next one. I always wanted to see how the "top" in the industry do their magic! and play by play was the perfect response to that
Gregory Zentkovich
To learn git quickly consider the peepcode screencast. This one saved my life. Really.
Franck D'agostini
I recently viewed [Meet PostgresSQL] and obtained a few really valuable insights respecting full text searches. These were things that I was dimly aware of but that extensive reading had not revealed to me.
James Byrne
Just finished watching the peepcode screencast on Postgres, have used it for years and still learnt a lot. Another gem from @topfunky.
Mark Wolfe
Just wanted to say how much I loved the Gary Bernhardt screencast. Its full of meat and fascinating to watch. I'm excited about viewing the upcoming episodes. Thanks for making something that us making me a better programmer. Most good screencasts and books address the stuff I know that I don't know. As an experienced guy with gaping holes in my skillset, your screencast, just like gregory brown's book, both address stuff that I don't know that I don't know. With a new Nook Color and life that includes subways your screencasts have become invaluable. Best wishes,
Peter Booth
Two days ater starting to watch part I and II, I was already making my own apps. I'm still far from being 100% independent but its the only method in which I have been able to make real progress. I can't stop recommending your screencasts.
@hjbarraza via Twitter
The latest @peepcode play-by-play with @jbarnette is packed with invaluable tips! This is becoming a great series.
James Martin via Twitter
Just wanted to say, as someone who regularly skims over other people's dotfiles and changesets, the first Play-by-Play is just what I was looking for. Getting smart people to explain their thought process -- to see what happens between commits -- is an insightful niche of screencasting that I haven't come across before. If you can make more featuring uber-productive devs I will be sure to buy them all up.
Chris Faulkner
Actually enjoying this jQuery stuff I'm working on. The jQuery @peepcode was really helpful in getting comfortable.
Brian Doll via Twitter
The Play-by-plays are an awesome idea! When are you guys going to have more of them? Will buy them all....
Ambert Ho
I purchased the two 'Meet Rails 3' screencasts and I must say that they were very well organised, easy to follow and to the point! After watching the screencasts I was able to continue programming my web app at least twice as fast as before, when I was searching online for help, and banging my head down with the various tutorials for RoR. Well done! Definitely worth the money, and I will gladly purchase any more advanced Rails 3 screncasts.
Alex Nikolaidis
If you have a couple bucks, I'd totally suggest that you buy this Play by Play screencast, what a great idea!
Federico Builes
Awesome awesome idea. Well done! It's the new series from PeepCode: Play by Play.
Rob Zolkos via Twitter
Vim, Ruby, RSpec, Command Line-fu. All kinds of awesome in this Peepcode screencast featuring Gary Bernhardt.
James Martin via Twitter
Great video! The TDD and git info you share far exceeds the cost of video. Highly recommended.
Matt Margolis via Twitter
Thanks for the Meet Rails 3 Screencast part one and two. I really enjoyed watching them. Thumbs up!
buk via Twitter
Finally finished watching Meet Rails 3 Part 1 from @peepcode. If you want to start with Rails today, *this* is what you want to have. wow.
StuFFmc via Twitter
Great work on Rails 3 pt. II. You've really helped to decrease the learning curve.
George Gilmer
I proudly just renewed my peepcode unlimited subscription for a third year. You (and your collaborators) do some amazing work and are great teachers. I'm looking forward to some amazing screencasts this upcoming year. Keep up the good work!
Sam Granieri
Finally have Vim the way I like it. Custom color theme, plugins via pathogen, and all the Ruby stuff. PeepCode videos are excellent for Vim.
Anthony Bouch
The Meet Node.js screencast is awesome, and saved me a lot of time.
Marcos Oliveira
The @peepcode screencast on Node.js is awesome!
Martin Aatmaa
Checked out the @peepcode Node.js screencast last night, looks very straight-forward. Can't wait to give it a go.
Ryan Townsend
Just got around to watching the Node screencast -- excellent work.
James Coglan, author of the Faye WebSocket library
Watched the Node.js PeepCode episode today. Great intro! Recommended!
Gustaf Nilsson Kotte
The PeepCode Emacs screencast is the awesomesauce and worth far more than $9 if you're just starting with Emacs.
Alex Miller
Is always blown away by the quality of @peepcode's screencasts. The Node one is great so far.
Cameron Barrie
I just wanted to write a few words thanking you for Meet the Command Line. With no programing background I am resolved to master the basics of RoR. Understanding the command line is key and I've spent hours staring at intro unix webpages coming away no more enlightened. Today I worked my way through Dan Benjamin's great screencast and am already doing useful things that I couldn't do before. I also now have a critical mass of knowledge to understand what those unix pages were telling me. Next I'm on to GIT and Advanced Command Line. Thank you for being there.
Ben Unger
Smash into VIM series on Peepcode is great for anyone wanting to master the popular text editor.
Nicholas Cancelliere
Only five minutes in and buying the Smash Into Vim II @peepcode already paid off.
Mathias Meyer
The second Vim screencast on PeepCode is really good. Actually learned a lot more than I expected. Well worth the cost.
Oliver Reeves
This @peepcode looks awesome for anyone who's got the basics of Vim down, but doesn't know where to go next.
Adam Tanner
The new Vim screencast by @peepcode is a must have.
Kevin Colyar
I recently watched the PeepCode "jQuery: Ajax" screencast and I wanted to drop a note to say how much I enjoyed it. I thought the pacing was just right, the material was useful and interesting, and Dan Benjamin's narration was clear, smooth, and dare I say calming. Well done!
Daniel Wellman
Just had to drop you an email to say well done - PeepOpen is fantastic. I thought the default TextMate search was fast; but you've just blown it out of the water. I keep smiling that it's keeps putting the file I wanted at the top of the list every time without having to arrow down :)
Luke Pearce
PeepOpen is a dream come true. It's been incredibly useful.
Garrett Dimon, founder of Sifter Issue Tracker
Been using PeepOpen for a day with TextMate and it is fantastic! Love path matching. Nice work @topfunky!
John Nunemaker, Lead developer of Harmony CMS
Just installed PeepOpen into my TextMate, now this is what file opening should be all about.
Geoff Garside
Thanks for making my day. Best use of $9!
Mike Mangino, author & developer
It's hot!
Dave Peck, master of many text editors
Holy **** this is awesome!
Matt Lyon, developer
PeepOpen rules. And it also "just works" in TextMate.
André Arko, Ruby Bundler committer
I keep the Mercurial PeepCode video in my dock for quick reference on branching & other stuff. Thanks!
Jay Goodman Tamboli
I also just bought the jQuery AJAX one and found it to be as awesome as all the other PeepCode screencasts I've got. Really great.
Stephen Wyatt Bush
I watched [PeepCode's] Clojure screencast last night and loved it. Thanks for the hard work and it's a steal at $9.
Learning jQuery via PeepCode. Good gods, I wish we'd used this at my last job.
Duane Sibilly
I cut my teeth on rails using your screencasts. They're great--I think they're still the best out there. No amount of geek wit and corn can compare to the solid research you put in. :) Thanks.
Seth Crosby
Hi PeepCode, I wanted to let you know that I love your site, mini books and screencasts. You guys do some excellent work, and the price is just right. Thanks and keep up the good work!
Tim Weaver
The @jqtouch @peepcode should be mandatory introduction material for [jQTouch]. Starts off great with entry-level stuff that's not documented.
Mathias Meyer
The ActiveMerchant ebook saved me untold hours in adding payment capabilities to my startup, OtherInbox.com.
Mike Subelsky, Co-founder of OtherInbox.com
Mercurial is just what I was looking for. Happy to pay to support people making such high-quality and informative screencasts.
Jason Kottke
Thanks!!! The screen cast for jQTouch was very helpful. Really jump started me after just tinkering around with jQTouch for a week or two. And it also opened up new worlds of ajax, jquery, rails which this old dog is just getting around to. I will be getting a 5 pack and recommending it to others.
Jeff Tingle
Wolf's Little Store Best of 2009: PeepCode Meet the Command Line Screencast
Johan Ronsse
Having no experience in Emacs I bought the [PeepCode] Emacs screencast and haven't looked back.
Simon Nielsen
Congrats to PeepCode - the latest jQTouch screencast was indeed a great watch.
Thibaut Barrère
I recommend Meet jQuery from @peepcode. I had (very) basic jQuery skills, and it has taken me to the next level. Thanks @peepcode!
Joel Monegro
I consider myself a pretty advanced Javascript programmer, having done it for over 10 years, using prototype for the last 3, but I always found jQuery a bit hard to dive into. However, your screencast really makes it super easy to understand. I also like how you skipped over HTML and CSS, no wasted time on setting up your project or explaining basics. There's a lot of meat in this one!
Jeremy Seitz
Just watching the #Sinatra peepcode screencast by @danbenjamin. Very impressive!
Darren Jones
In only one week watching the Command Line and Sinatra screencasts, I can say that I learned so much...I'm already using the command line more frequently and seriously, and started to love and use Sinatra, which I intend to prototype my next project next week with.
Ali Z. Anwar
[PeepCode does] a great job. It especially comes through in look and feel of the screencasts -- they look better than anything i've seen out there!
Joshua Brown
The latest @peepcode on jQuery is very well done. You'll learn something even if you know your way around jQuery.
PierreOlivier Martel
Ok. I'm sold on jQuery. Was impressed when I used it briefly for a small project - the @peepcode screencast is pushing me over the edge...
Stephen Bartholomew
Of the three resources, for someone starting out I would recommend the [PeepCode] Git Internals PDF. It’s concise and simple to understand, and I’ve already seen one person who, more or less was anti-Git, read it in an hour and become pro-Git.
Jordan Terrell
The MacRuby PeepCode was wildly informative. Learned a lot about MacRuby, XCode, Interface Builder, and basic Obj-C.
Larry Marburger
Brand new PeepCode screencast on Sinatra by Dan Benjamin. The production on this thing is really exceptional and they get into some meaty topics. Highly recommended.
Ryan Tomayko, Rack committer
Finally got PeepCode Unlimited. Seriously paid so much more for a College education which I was not able to use since I graduated.
Katherine Giron Pe
PeepCode screencast on Sinatra is awesome.
Kevin Stewart
The [Meet Sinatra] Screencast was a really good introduction to Sinatra and I will definitely use it when the right project comes along.
I learned a *lot* from this screencast "Meet Sinatra" from Dan B.
Nate Steiner
New iPhone screencasts are fantastic. Nice work!
Jason Derrett
Just watched Mercurial screencast by @danbenjamin. Wow! I was sceptical that I'd find a single reason to switch from SVN, and found many.
Brad Adams
[PeepCode's] 1 hr intro to macruby will tech you what it took me about 7-8hrs to workout between the Hillegass book and converting to ruby.
Ben Schwarz, professional Cocoa developer
Wow the visuals in [iPhone View Controllers Part I] are amazing your hard work shows, totally worth $9!
Noah Hendrix
After watching @danbenjamin's excellent PeepCode screencast on Mercurial, I am in the process of converting my projects from SVN to Hg.
Duane Sibilly
PeepCode is like a long luxurious dinner. [Peepcode är som en lång lyxig middag.]
Magnus, in blog comment
No one does a screencast like @danbenjamin. Learning much from 'Meet Mercurial'.
Dave Lowe
Amazing screencast by @peepcode: Advanced Command Line. I finally understand and use zsh. A must for productivity lovers.
Felipe Coury
Just watched the "Meet Mercurial" screencast from PeepCode. It's really well done. In my opinion, the best Mercurial introduction to date.
Arthur Koziel
Your screencast provided a very good introduction, and pointed out a few things I need to look into more (like the behavior of copy/move). I also appreciated the comments on how [Mercurial] is like/unlike Git and Subversion.
Nathan Youngman
New screencast on Mercurial has the usual high production values from PeepCode.
Manton Reece, Cocoa developer and co-host of Core Intuition
I recently watched Screencasting with Final Cut Pro and it was a real life-saver - fantastic screencast!
Mark Lynn
All the PeepCode screencasts are nothing short of awesome. Reading is one thing, but learning from [your screencasts] is enabling me to learn new things and advance like never before.
Todd Boteler
I wanted to catch up with functional programming, watched PeepCode's screencast on Clojure, best one so far (and I have seen them all)
Just watched the PeepCode screencast on Clojure. PeepCode does a great job as always.
Michael Guterl
Enjoying PeepCode's screencast on Clojure. Learnt about a different language and got an intro to functional programming.
Stephen Bartholomew
I'm usually very happy with the quality of PeepCode screencasts and find them well worth the $9. It's how I got into Git.
Ikai Lan
PeepCode has a way of turning a weekend into an hour.
Grant Michaels
I've used emacs on/off for years and still found useful nuggets. Good screencast as always.
Robert Stehwien
The technical and visual aspects of the video presentation are top notch. It really makes the Mire comprehesive application come across as a simple collection of individual parts.
Sari Connard
For some reason I'd always run away from Emacs as too hard, but not any more. [PeepCode has] changed my tune!
Bill Judd
[PeepCode] Objective-C screencast really is as good as everyone says - believe the hype!
Stephen Bartholomew
Objective-C for Rubyists PeepCode is the best I've purchased from them yet.
Bryan Woods
PeepCode keeps removing the excuses that keep me from iPhone dev.
Marty McGuire
The Obj-C screencast by PeepCode was well worth the wait.
John Claus
The quality and content of the screencasts are phenomenal...PeepCode is the first referral I give friends looking to dive into specific topics.
Shai Shefer
PeepCode on productivity raises the bar, way higher than it's ever been before.
Giles Bowkett
[The Haml and Sass screencast was] very helpful. I've been wanting to learn both of these for a long time. I personally learn faster with screencasts and this one gave me a good jumping off point.
Matthew Nichols, Co-Founder of TagCow
Loving PeepCode's Git Internals PDF. Really well written and has hugely improved my understanding of Git.
Ben Brinckerhoff, Cofounder of Devver.net
I bought and watched the awesome Emacs PeepCode as well. I’ve been trying to use Emacs continuously for the last couple of days (including at work) and even though I am still stumbling my way a little through the darkness, I am awed by how much power it has.
Arun Thampi, developer at Wego.com
Emacs screencast from PeepCode was great. A ton of information in 50 minutes, but good overview of all the features.
Joe Fiorini
Your last screencast about Emacs is fantastic!
Oscar Del Ben, Developer and Entrepreneur
The moment I saw the title I knew I had to buy it. I'm definitely going to try out the suggestions in the screencast; productivity is very important to me. Thank you for publishing this screencast and keep up with your excellent work on PeepCode!
Hongli Lai, Co-Founder, Phusion
It's tough getting a good resource on the Internet which goes through and explains clearly so I'm always delighted to find PeepCode screencasts on topics I use often in work.
Thomas Sinclair
You'd learn best if you had a friend show you what the latest thing was and how to use it. Well, that's PeepCode.
Dominic Son, developer
If you are trying to teach yourself Rails, I suggest PeepCode Screencasts - so far 8 out of 10.
Nicole Ramsey, ENTP.com
[PeepCode is] currently one of the only places that has both the ability to rapidly iterate new versions of their training materials and the financial incentive to do so.
Breakpoint Journal
While I've always thought that your screencasts were of good quality, the CouchDB screencast is fantastic!
Jason Perkins
Precisely what I needed, precisely when I needed it.
Bill Burcham
Your PDF has really inspired me, so it is well worth the money! You can quote me on that ;-)
Morgan Roderick
Your screencasts are one of the best things you can buy on the Internet so far.
Liutauras Diu, developer
I think the Peepcode Unlimited package is the single most useful tool in my box right now - when I look at time spent on research paired to benefit gained.
Seth Crosby, developer
I'm usually a traditional dead-tree book learner, but this time I decided to try the PeepCode approach. I had heard good things about them and I can now tell you that reputation is well deserved.
James Edward Gray II
The PeepCode Git screencast saved my sanity!
Jim Weirich, Ruby pioneer and creator of Rake
The TextMate screencast is nicely produced and runs through virtually all of the features of the RoR Bundle...I already feel that I'm going to be much more productive after just running through it once.
David Alison, Entrepreneur
[The] git PeepCode book is awesome. Congrats on a job very well done. This should be required reading for all git users.
Jamis Buck, Rails Core Alumnus
It was refreshing to read about git from the bottom up, and not compared to SVN. I was at the stage where I could do most of the basic tasks I used to do in SVN, but lacked a fundamental understanding of how it was working under the hood...Understanding all those concepts really helped me grok why the higher level commands and workflows work the way they do, and how to avoid some of the pitfalls.
James, in blog comment
Even if you are not planning to write a Rails plugin, you should absolutely check this book, there are great insights about how Rails works and you will figure out that building a plugin is as easy as anything in Ruby, it’s just a matter of knowing where to place your code.
Codevader Blog
This is really turning out to be the most valuable resource I’ve found so far for Ruby on Rails instruction. The Rails from Scratch screencasts are alone worth bookmarking.
Paper Bits blog
Your products are great. They have helped me get up to speed with RSpec and Git, quickly!
Bryan Stewart, Student
Cody Fauser's ActiveMerchant PDF from PeepCode was invaluable in giving me a start to integration.
Robin Fisher
This screencast reinforces my fondness for screencasts, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to get started with Git. Grosenbach explains and demonstrates the Git fundamentals clearly, and he points out ways to streamline one's workflow in Git.
Thanks for the outstanding work on the Plugin Patterns piece. This has bumped up my efficiency and knowledge tremendously. Looking forward to the next one!
David Baldwin
In the past I looked elsewhere for free sources, but now I'm realizing how much time I wasted. I couldn't be happier with the content and the execution. You definitely have a new customer.
Nolan Meyers
The Peepcode on Plugin Patterns is the best I've seen in a while.
Pat Nakajima
Bought the [Plugin Patterns] PeepCode PDF...and I gotta say I'm loving it. It's very well written, and you explain complicated nasty stuff with nice simple examples.
Chris O'Sullivan
PeepCode really helped me set the tone and level of abstraction of my tests -- crucial things to get right.
Ian Dees
This is a great ebook on a great resource...For all serious charging Rails projects, this is a must-read.
Simon, in blog comment
The PeepCode PDFs are concise and offer a good middle ground giving you EXACTLY what you need without filling up space with fluff but at the same time being thorough.
Wilfredo Crespo
I just purchased your Capistrano screencast. It was my first deploy on Rails and I was determined to do it right. The screencast saved me hours of time.
Ted Esler
Thank you for producing such great screencasts and books. They've really helped me understand Rails better.
Branislav Drzik
They are top quality screencasts, straighforward material...I just saw the Rspec Stories one and I really enjoy it. I was already into BDD, but this really got me closer to be 100% BDD-man.
Lucas Florio, IT Solutions Developer
I'm very impressed with the site. It is the first time I've forked out for something that isn't dead-tree.
Max Russell
Thanks again for your screencasts they are extremely helpful. I just picked up the new Rails Way book by Obie Fernandez which has a great chapter dedicated to RSpec. Your screencasts along with the Rails Way RSpec reference have convinced me to switch to RSpec. Keep up the good work!
Sean Dougherty, Developer
I find your products perhaps the best way to extend my learning; they are focused, and they are much more up-to-date than old-school paper books, simply because of the fast pace of industry change. Those facts make them very cost-effective.
Gregor Jovanovich
I think the Git movie is your best one yet. Keep up the excellent work!
Sam Granieri
The screencast helped me understand the ways in which Git improves on Subversion, and also that you don’t have to give up Subversion entirely to reap the benefits of Git — Git will happily work with a Subversion repository.
Drew McCormack
Ryan's PDF is an excellent reference to quickly guide you [through] the most significant changes in the Rails framework. I give it two thumbs up for it's ease of use and information, and with a price tag of only $9 - you can't go wrong!
Michael Behan
[PeepCode has] helped me a lot while learning Rails, so much so that often a screencast is worth quite a lot of hours of reading books or searching around for examples. It's normally during a screencast that I get the 'I've got it moment' where everything makes sense.
Anthony Winning
Thanks for the great resource. I only started developing with Rails at the beginning of this year and I have learned heaps from your site.
Luke Cunningham, Designer/Developer
This kind of learning really works for me, and a good amount of content is covered in each episode. I felt a little strange paying for a screencast, but after buying 3, I feel it's been money well spent!
Thomas, developer
I make all the web developers I know and work with watch your Javascript with Prototype screencast. It's slowly helping to heal a generation of developers who directly associate Javascript with pain and suffering. I liked Javascript after I started using Prototype about a year ago. I *love* Javascript after watching your screencast.
remi Taylor, Developer
I'm a relatively new Rails developer and have to thank you guys for the outstanding content on your web site. Having nearly worn out my copy of "Agile Web Development with Rails" I felt like there were many over-arching areas of Rails application design that just weren't covered, especially with regard to writing more elegant, lightweight code and overall application structure. Your PDFs and screencasts are the magic potion I've been missing, so thanks to all of you for putting this information out there (and at a reasonable price to boot).
Chris McCann, Developer and Air Force Test Pilot
Thanks for putting out great products. I haven't regretted once purchasing my 10 pack subscription.
Jamie Phelps
I love the idea [of RSpec] but haven't really been able to make it work for me, but being able to look over your shoulder while you worked the process helped tremendously. I think my BDD issues were all about workflow because I would skip around and not actually write the tests first, then struggle with the API when I did.
Jeff Whitmire, Grockit
Thanks for doing the RSpec series. I've been curious about BDD for a long time and your explanation's the best I've seen.
Miles Forrest
I've been using PeepCode for my own learning and found your screencasts a real time saver. They also offer little gems of information that I haven't picked up out there on the web.
Rob Worley
Well done! It's nice how Rails makes it easy to divide powerful lessons into small texts. Like Getting Real [by 37signals], this one takes you a long way.
Michael Schwab
I love your episodes, even though I had a solid understanding of Rails before watching any, I've still learned alot. And the Prototype Javascript episode is responsible for me diving into Javascript for the first time in years.
Matthew Swasey
Your screencasts are absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for making such a quality product and making it so affordable!
Matthew Erker, developer
Your videos are awesome. It really opened my eyes to Prototype and Javascript.
Sean Bryant, developer
You guys make some incredible screencasts. I'm a very visual learner, and watching somebody do something is the best way for me to get my head around it. Keep up the good work.
David Grandinetti, developer
It's not often that I am excited about spending money. I've even managed to convince myself that I don't need an iPhone, but I find myself checking several times a day for the new PeepCode screencasts and the opportunity to spend another nine dollars.
Phil Peterman, Traffic Engineering, eMarketSouth
I just started programming about six months ago and I've peeled through a lot of books and other materials in that time. Nothing has been as helpful to me as PeepCode.
Neil Rahilly
I just finished up both of the Rails from Scratch screencasts, and they were simply awesome! I learned more from these 2 screencasts than I did with 3 of the popular Rails books.
Cory Perry
PeepCode is just plain awesome. I spent about an hour earlier today watching the 'RESTful Rails' video, and am walking away with a rather different view of REST than I had before.
Michael Gorsuch, Sysadmin, Fog Creek Software
The content itself is very well explained and goes into great detail covering a huge area of the subject. Javascript has always been the part of web development that I disliked. Prototype helped hugely to make it easy to work with, but this screencast has really made me look at javascript in a new light and give up the 'cut' and 'paste' style of old.
Stephen Bartholomew
This [Javascript with Prototype.js] video is worth watching! I highly recommend it to beginners and intermediate Prototypers, plus: Even if English is not your native language (like in my case) the speaker talks slow and understandable which makes it easy to follow. Good recording and audio quality. Thumbs up!
Kjell Bublitz, in blog comment
I watched some of the Prototype PeepCode last night and I have to say that this one has been the most informative PeepCode, at least for me. I'm learning a ton!
Richard Luther, developer
Good work as always. I didn't realize how awesome Prototype was.
Jay Contonio, developer
These screencasts are very high quality at a very good price. It's like having a veteran rails developer mentor you on a topic that would be rather hard to document in a book. I found the RESTful Rails and Test-First Development for Rails the ones the most useful so far but all of them have been very useful.
ProductCritic Blog
These screencasts are amazing! The TDD one has a lot of tips which helped me to go deep in this interesting Test-First world! Before watching this I haven't realized how to write tests FIRST in Rails apps. Long live PeepCode!
Arthur Zapparoli
I've ordered every PeepCode so far, but I have to say that this Capistrano one is truly great. Watching it on the iPod on the NYC subway has never been better.
Nathan Verni, Developer
I lack superlatives for PeepCode. This is the only non-free "documentation project" on this list but it definitely belongs here. PeepCode gives you a lot of value for money with screencasts, cheatsheets and working code for you to jump start your understanding of Rails. Geoffrey deserves an Oscar for this.
Pinupgeek Blog
The format works really well for tutorials as you can follow along by simple pausing every 30 seconds or so and typing in the examples as you can go...This really lets you follow along at your own pace. The other nice thing was that all of the code typed in actually worked.
Ed Gibbs, Software Developer
A week or so ago I downloaded the PeepCode Screencast on Test First Development. It was the first really clear example on Test Driven Development I’d seen and it helped clear up a lot of questions I’d had about it.
Mark Carey on the Kognitive Jelly Blog
I've never seen a screencast as well made as the PeepCode screencasts. They are easy to follow even if advanced topics are covered.
Christoph Budzinski, Developer
That screencast is worth its weight in gold.
SmickSmack Blog
Also highly recommended is PeepCode, where in return for a small amount of money you get about an hour of video with the amazingly productive Geoffrey Grosenbach teaching you one-on-one about various aspects of Rails.
John Topley, Developer
The Peepcode screencasts are a great watch.
Joel Moss, blogger
Your excellent tutorials make me a better Ruby on Rails coder and are well worth the money.
Sam Granieri, Developer
Thank you for the Capistrano screencast as it put a lot of things into perspective and really helped grasp the concepts. I think I've learned Rails faster from your screencasts than all the books I have combined.
Jon Baer, Developer
For someone like me that knows how to do a lot of front end stuff, but isn’t much of a programmer that is exactly the type of instruction I need to pick up new things and understand how they work.
Kyle Bradshaw, Developer
What a fantastic idea! I highly recommend this service – excellent quality, quite effective and reasonably priced.
Slicehost Blog
I don’t know how you keep doing it, but your PeepCode series is phenomenal. Even though I’m mostly versed in the topics you have presented, I find that your unique way of tutoring/teaching allows me to learn even more.
Bryan Liles, Developer
I purchased the [screencast] for RESTful rails, and wanted to let you know it was totally worth more to me than $9! You have a quality product, and I learned a much more in less time than if I would have tried to scour the web and try to understand it! The presentation was very clear and well organized!
Tim Harper, Sr. Software Engineer
This really is a great introduction to RJS. I’ve been playing around with it for a while, but your screencast had lots I hadn’t seen before. Looking forward to the next one!
Comment on blog
I was mightily impressed…I would highly recommend this screencast even if you’re already familiar with RJS because you’ll definitely learn a new trick or two. Congratulations to Geoffrey on a job well done.
Cody Fauser, Author of RJS Templates for Rails

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