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ActiveMerchant PDF


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by Cody Fauser, ActiveMerchant committer and Shopify developer.

Most online businesses need to receive payment. If you’re developing with Ruby, the standard for credit card authorization and capture is ActiveMerchant.

ActiveMerchant provides a consistent interface to over 30 gateways all around the world and has processed millions of dollars of transactions since 2006. This 70 page book starts with a simple payment and steps through the development of database models and gateway interaction code within a Rails application.

You’ll also learn how to write a comprehensive test suite and integrate the Acts as State Machine plugin to build a reliable payment processing system. Finally, you’ll learn about industry standards and security precautions.

Many books show you how to build a Rails-based shopping cart, but this is the only book to take you the rest of the way through to payment authorization and capture.

Purchase includes downloadable code samples used in the book.

NOTE: This PDF does not talk about recurring billing. It does mention credit card storage regulations but recommends that you use a third-party service to store credit card numbers.

Examples use the Braintree Payment Gateway but are relevant for any gateway supported by ActiveMerchant.

Revision 2 (Notes) · Updated: May 11, 2009 · Length: 74 pages · 2 MB

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