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Advanced Command Line


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Meet the Command Line is the previous screencast in this series. If you’re starting out with the command line for the first time, you might want to view it before this one.

If you’re an open source developer, you probably use the command line frequently. But if you’re like most developers, you’ve never taken the time to learn it properly. This screencast filters it down into 40 minutes packed with useful tips and guidelines for getting the most out of the bash shell (with a nod at zsh, too).

You’ll learn to organize your configuration files so you can start building a lifelong collection of useful tools. You’ll learn to customize your prompt and navigate it like a pro. You’ll learn shortcuts for reusing previous commands, searching your history, and modifying previous commands before running them again. Aliases and functions will turn monotonous tasks into short, powerful custom commands.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, you’re bound to learn something from this screencast that you can use in your daily workflow.


  • Introduction
  • Organization
    • .bashrc
    • Separate files
    • Create links
  • The Prompt
    • Movement
  • SSH Config
  • In the Terminal
    • Search
    • Lists
  • Aliases & Functions
    • Aliases
    • Ideas
    • Functions
  • ~/bin
  • Mac OS X Tips
    • Copy & Paste
    • Open Terminal
    • LaunchBar
    • Quicksilver
  • zsh
    • Interactive Globbing
    • Spellchecking
    • Built-in Completions
    • Sample Configuration
    • Mac OS X User Config
  • Conclusion

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This screencast assumes basic knowledge of using the command line, as presented in our Meet the Command Line screencast.

Revision 1 (Notes) · Updated: Aug 01, 2009 · Length: 40 min · 100 MB

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