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Ajax with Prototype.js


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by Geoffrey Grosenbach. Technical consulting by Justin Palmer of the Prototype core team.

If you’ve been on the web anytime over the past two years, you’ve probably heard the word ‘Ajax.’

This highly anticipated hour and a half-long Ajax with Prototype.js tutorial takes up where Javascript with Prototype left off. You’ll learn how to do simple Ajax requests and updates, then jump into working with Javascript and JSON sent by a server.

If you’re a Rails developer, it’s time to learn the magic behind the Javascript libraries that ship with Rails. You may even find yourself taking advantage of the power or Prototype instead of using the Rails helpers that insulate you from the process!

If you want to use Prototype with another server-side framework, you’ll learn the client-side basics you need to be confident with Ajax.


If you’re familiar with the basics of Javascript or have watched the Javascript with Prototype.js tutorial, you should be comfortable with the topics presented here. A Rails app and a Camping app are provided as the server side of this primarily client-side tutorial.

Revision (Notes) · Updated: Oct 07, 2007 · Length: 95 min · 78 MB

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