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Benchmarking with httperf


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by Geoffrey Grosenbach with content from Zed Shaw, author of Mongrel.

Programmers love performance. We like to talk about it and form theories, but we don’t know how to measure it. And when we do, we don’t know what to do with the numbers we get.

Benchmarking with httperf Tutorial shows how to use the very simple (but capable) httperf command-line tool. It also explains the basic statistics you need to know to compare separate benchmarking runs.

You’ll also learn how to use httperf to find the maximum performance of a single Mongrel instance. You can use this same technique to tune your server and find the optimum number of Mongrel processes to use in your cluster.

The benchmarking tutorial now features a convenient chapter menu! This is a free update for anyone who purchased this screencast in the past.


Minute Mark Topic
1 Intro
3 Basic Statistics
8 Installing httperf
10 httperf in Action
38 Sample Sizes
44 Tuning Mongrel
53 Conclusion


The code project from the Page, Action, and Fragment Caching tutorial is used as an example. The code from that project is included in the download, but is not explained in this screencast.

Although a Rails application is used, the topics discussed could be used to benchmark any web application stack.

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