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Build Your Career: Michael Lopp (Rands in Repose)


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Michael Lopp has built a reputation through his timeless essays at Rands in Repose. He has also built a 20 year career as a developer and manager at companies including Netscape, Borland, Apple, and Palantir.

As a developer or designer in the tech industry, your skills are in huge demand. But how do you turn that demand into a life-long career? Do you seek money at all costs? Do you try to work on interesting projects? How do you get there?

Your answer to these questions are unique. Yet it helps to hear from someone who has made intentional choices throughout a successful career spanning two decades of explosive growth in the industry.

In a concise 30 minutes, you’ll hear at least a half-dozen thought provoking insights that will help you think about the career choices you’ve made and the ones you’ll make in the future.

Topics covered include:

  • How do one’s strengths and weaknesses play a part in a career?
  • Does working on a well-known project mean that the rest of your career will be smooth sailing?
  • Constant curiosity
  • How did you get started in the tech industry?
  • Did you have mentors?
  • What projects did you work on at the beginning?
  • Giving interns projects of substance
  • How do you choose what companies you want to work for?
  • How important is money?
  • Building a positive personal brand
  • The writing process
  • How do you collect ideas?
  • Why do you work with an editor?
  • Moving from developer to manager
  • Relating to other departments in a company
  • Should you start your career by building connections and experience, or seek out interesting projects right away?

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Any developer or designer will benefit from watching this interview.

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