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Capistrano 2


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Capistrano 2 is a tool for automating the deployment of your application to a server. You can also automate many other monotonous server-maintenance tasks. It is written in Ruby but can be used to deploy any kind of web application.

PeepCode’s 50 minute Capistrano tutorial talks about the concepts behind Capistrano 2.1, shows a basic deployment, and teaches you how to write your own tasks.

The download also includes the source code snippets used in the tutorial!

This is a complete rewrite from scratch, but includes many of the concepts presented in the first PeepCode Capistrano screencast.


(Requires Quicktime 7 → Download.)



This is an intermediate to advanced screencast. It assumes that you have a server with Ruby, Rails, Mongrel, and a database installed. It assumes that you have written at least one Rails application from scratch. It assumes that you are familiar with general Unix commands such as “ls”, “cp”, “tail,” etc.

Revision 1 (Notes) · Updated: Dec 04, 2007 · Length: 50 min · 41 MB

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