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CouchDB with Rails


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Technical editing by CouchDB committers Jan Lehnardt and Chris Anderson

NOTE: Updated project code is available at GitHub (upgrade-couchrest branch).

Imagine a world where there is no SQL. Your database doesn’t have a schema. You don’t have to worry about indexes. Replication is built-in. Scaling is part of the plan from day one.

This is the world promised to you by CouchDB, an Apache Foundation incubator project in the genre of Amazon’s SimpleDB (but open source!). Our 60 minute CouchDB with Rails video tutorial clearly explains the forward-thinking features of CouchDB and shows you how to use CouchDB with Rails.

This CouchDB tutorial is the product of months of research, a trip across the world to Berlin, hours of coding on the CouchRest gem, and technical editing by a pair of CouchDB committers.

You’ll learn how to install CouchDB from source, how to use the CouchRest gem, and you’ll build a personal notes application that uses CouchDB. You’ll learn about different ways to serialize Ruby objects to JSON. You’ll write custom views in Javascript and synchronize them to your database. Oh, and you’ll also learn a bit about the daring personal history behind the CouchDB project!

Whether you’re planning to use CouchDB on an upcoming Ruby project or just want to be informed about current developments in database technology, you’ll find it in this screencast.

The code used in the screencast is included. A typed transcript is also included with the code download. Video is in our new extra-wide 1000×600 format!

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Assumes a basic knowledge of Ruby on Rails. Some very simple Javascript code is also used.

Revision 1 (Notes) · Updated: Sep 23, 2008 · Length: 61 min · 153 MB

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