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Use the Cucumber


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The Cucumber behavior-driven development framework is appreciated by developers from many languages. It makes it easy to write plain-text stories that run executable Ruby code against your application.

In this hour and ten minute Use the Cucumber tutorial, you’ll learn the basics of Cucumber. You’ll learn the syntax, organization, and philosophy of writing Features, Scenarios, and Steps. You’ll build an application and learn where unit tests are a better fit.

The PeepCode series on RSpec kicked off our foray into independent screencast publishing and we think you’ll like this one just as much!

Topics covered in our Cucumber tutorial include:

  • Organization & Helper Tools
  • Setup & Installation
  • Basic Features
  • Wrapping Cucumber with a continuous script
  • Configuration & Form Submission
  • Using Tables
  • Reusing Steps
  • Using Webrat Directly
  • Proper use of Background steps & Tags
  • Integrating Unit Tests
  • Fixing form fields

Available as part of a PeepCode Unlimited subscription (including streaming on our iOS app!) Business plans are also available.


Assumes a basic knowledge of Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

Revision 2 (Notes) · Updated: Jan 07, 2011 · Length: 72 min · 160 MB

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