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Control Your Email Inbox


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By Lars Pinds of CoachTVBlog.

Email is both an indispensable and an inescapable part of our lives. Yet most of us either feel dread when checking email, or we use email as a distraction from more important tasks.

In this 45 minute email tutorial, accomplished entrepreneur and life coach Lars Pind presents a system that he has developed and taught to many people over several years. It combines ideas from GTD and Inbox Zero and adds other concrete strategies for facing up to your email and attacking it with a consistent plan.

If you don’t have an email strategy, if you feel bogged down by the amount of email in your inbox, or if you want a better solution, help is on the way! View this screencast today and regain control of your email inbox!

Chapters include:

  • Why?
  • About the system
  • Principles
  • A scheduled activity
  • Making the change
  • Breaking the Addiction
  • An exercise
  • The Folders
  • Checking email
  • Gmail Tips
  • A typical session
  • Filters
  • Now What?
  • The other folders
  • Getting Started
  • That’s it!
  • Sticking to it
  • Summary
  • Next steps
  • Conclusion

Available as part of a PeepCode Unlimited subscription (including streaming on our iOS app!) Business plans are also available.

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