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Full Stack Node.js Part 1


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NOTE: This video covers Express 2

Node.js is one of the fastest dynamic language implementations available today. While useful for all kinds of scripting, it excels at building web applications.

But assembling a full stack of models, controllers, views, tests, and client-side assets isn’t comprehensively documented anywhere. And books on the topic have been repeatedly delayed.

So we took a deep dive into Node.js, the Express web framework, Mocha tests, the CoffeeScript language, and Socket.io real-time push. We’ve used the freshest and most capable tools in the best way, without hacks or shortcuts. You’ll learn from dozens of tips that we discovered while developing a real-time bakery workflow application for a local pie shop.

You’ll learn tips from this 1 hour 12 minute video that you won’t find anywhere else!

Topics covered:

  • Using the Express framework
  • Organizing files and objects
  • Using mini-apps to build a larger application
  • Coding with CoffeeScript in a sensible way
  • Writing and using modules
  • Writing full-stack integration tests
  • Using Redis for sessions
  • Interpreting errors
  • Development workflow
  • View helpers

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Part 2 is now available!


Assumes basic knowledge of JavaScript. It will also help if you’re comfortable with CoffeeScript.

Revision 2 (Notes) · Updated: Jul 17, 2012 · Length: 72 min · 140 MB

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