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Functional Programming with Clojure


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By Phil Hagelberg. Technical editing by Clojure creator Rich Hickey

Clojure is a dynamic functional programming language designed to be as approachable as scripting languages, yet harness the power of multi-core machines in the manner of more cryptic languages such as Erlang.

In this 65 minute tutorial, Clojure expert Phil Hagelberg walks through the stages of building a multi-user text adventure game (code available). It’s the perfect project to learn about the basics of Clojure while having a fun time doing it, too!

You’ll learn:

  • The basic concepts and syntax of Clojure
  • How to write a basic multi-threaded echo server
  • How to use the basic data structures, including thread-safety
  • How to optimize with lazy collections
  • Coordinating data across threads
  • Unit testing
  • Common idioms
  • Packaging and release of your project

You’ve heard about functional programming. You want to write efficient programs that maximize current hardware. This Clojure tutorial is the place to start! You’ll also learn about Lisp, one of the foundational programming languages of the modern computer era.

In addition, this video tutorial is the first to use a brand new post-production workflow from PeepCode, featuring informative motion graphics and animated diagrams! Check out the preview.

UPDATE: Since this screencast was released, there have been a few changes to Clojure. A blog post from author Phil Hagelberg goes through Mire, the sample project, making a few improvements to make it work better with the upcoming Clojure 1.2 release.

Available as part of a PeepCode Unlimited subscription (including streaming on our iOS app!) Business plans are also available.


If you have used any programming language at all, you’ll be able to learn from this screencast.

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