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HTML5: Browser Caching


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Browser caching is one of the least understood features of HTML5, but can make a dramatic improvement in your users’ experience of your website. It can speed up your site for both online and offline applications, desktop and mobile.

The syntax for using local storage and offline caching is simple, but the implementation details can easily leave you frustrated. Existing blog posts ignore the finer points of this nuanced API.

So for this screencast, we brought in W3C committee member Ben Schwarz to show us how it’s done. In only an hour you’ll learn about:

  • How to speed up the user experience for online and offline applications.
  • Basic syntax for caching files and data in the browser.
  • Browser tools and development workflow to help debugging and avoid frustration.
  • How to steer around bugs, restrictions, and pitfalls.
  • BONUS CHAPTER: Use the Rails 3 asset pipeline with browser caching.

Browser caching is a useful tool for every web developer to have in their toolbox. Learn it today!

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You’ll do best if you’re comfortable with basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The Ruby Sinatra server is used for development and an optional sections shows how to use this technology with Ruby on Rails 3.

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