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Javascript with Prototype.js


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by Geoffrey Grosenbach. Technical consulting by Prototype Core Team Member Justin Palmer.

Did your first few years of Javascript programming consist of “copy” and “paste”? It’s time to learn it right!

Javascript is a highly dynamic language with many interesting features which most developers never learn. Yet familiarity with Javascript is a must if you want to develop current web applications with the full power of modern browsers.

The Prototype.js library makes Javascript nearly painless. It extends native objects with extra functionality and makes it easy to organize your code or even extend built-in objects.

This 90 minute Javascript with Prototype.js tutorial shows you the basics of Javascript and walks through a few simple projects. You’ll learn about

  • code organization
  • writing classes
  • extending objects
  • attaching behaviors to elements
  • simple debugging

Ajax with Prototype.js tutorial is now available and covers Ajax in depth.

Source code included.


Tools 00:01
Syntax Basics 00:04
Selectors 00:12
Architecture 00:26
The Source 00:36
Behaviors 00:39
Troubleshooting 00:57
Object Internals 01:06
Baseline Project 01:17


This JavaScript with Prototype.js tutorial assumes familiarity with basic programming concepts like variables, loops, functions, and objects. It will show you how those work in Javascript and how prototype.js makes it easier than Javascript alone.

Revision (Notes) · Updated: Oct 07, 2007 · Length: 90 min · 68 MB

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