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Meet Emacs


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The classic Gnu Emacs text editor is an incredibly powerful piece of software that has been used by thousands of programmers over the last few decades. Many alpha geeks have recently been giving Emacs a second look as well. Get up to speed with our Meet Emacs tutorial.

Emacs Lisp expert Phil Hagelberg prepared the script and accompanying code for this screencast. You’ll learn how to get comfortable with his Emacs Starter Kit which includes a suite of sensible defaults and handy shortcuts. In addition to learning about the basic philosophies and approach of Emacs, you’ll learn how to:

  • Get and install emacs for your platform.
  • Operate the various key sequences.
  • Use the built in version control and Git-specific features.
  • Take advantage of code completion and linking.
  • Customize your setup with key bindings, color themes, and third-party libraries.

Whether you’re looking at Emacs for fulltime development or just want to be comfortable with a terminal-based text editor for remote deployment and debugging, our Emacs tutorial will get you there. You may even find that learning the basics of Emacs helps you to be more efficient in your editor of choice since many text editors and web apps (such as TextMate, Gmail, and various terminals) implement Emacs key bindings.

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The concepts presented should be accessible to anyone with basic programming experience in any programming language.

Revision 1 (Notes) · Updated: Dec 23, 2008 · Length: 60 min · 78 MB

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