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Meet Mercurial


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Mercurial creator Matt Mackall was the technical editor for this tutorial!

Many developers have embraced distributed source code control as a faster, more agile way of managing projects both online and offline.

Mercurial is not only fast, it also provides a smooth transition for developers who are already comfortable with Subversion’s basic command set. And it gives you easy access to common functionality without resorting to cryptic command-line flags. It works well on all major operating systems, including Microsoft Windows. Learn it quickly with our Mercurial tutorial!

Major projects such as Python and Mozilla use Mercurial. Project hosting options abound, including Google Code, BitBucket, and even GitHub via the experimental hg-git!

In our 50 minute Mercurial tutorial, Dan Benjamin draws on years of experience with source code control systems to get you up to speed with Mercurial. In fact, he was so impressed with Mercurial that he converted all his personal projects and is now using it daily.

Even if you primarily use Git or another distributed system, this screencast will help you for those times when you want to clone or contribute to a project hosted in Mercurial. And maybe you’ll even learn some tips to take back to your SCM of choice!


  • Introduction
  • Configuration
  • Basic Commands
    • init
    • ignore
    • add
    • commit
    • remove
    • revert
    • Status Codes
  • Tags
  • Working Directory
  • Branches
    • What’s a branch?
    • branches
    • parents
    • merge
  • Shared Repositories
    • clone
    • outgoing
    • push
    • update
  • Centralized Repositories
    • .hg/hgrc
    • Repository URLs
  • Undoing Changes
    • revert
    • rollback
    • backout
  • Migrating to Mercurial
  • Conclusion

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Assumes basic knowledge of the command line. Useful for developers of all programming languages.

Revision 1 (Notes) · Updated: Jul 10, 2009 · Length: 53 min · 100 MB

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