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Meet Rails 3 Part II


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Level: Beginner

Part I of our Rails 3 tutorial started the foundation. Now it’s time to complete your knowledge of the fundamentals of Ruby on Rails 3.

In 90 action-packed minutes, you’ll learn to use Rails’ packaging and code generation tools, work with stylesheets and JavaScript files, link data models together, and build powerful controllers in only a few lines. You’ll learn to build forms and organize view templates for easy reuse and maintenance.

More than just a quick overview, you’ll learn tips and tricks used by professional Rails developers. All this plus the high production values you’ve come to expect from PeepCode.

If you want to learn Rails for the first time or if you have limited knowledge and want to learn more, this is the Ruby on Rails tutorial for you!

(If you’re already experienced with previous versions of Rails, try the Rails 3 Upgrade Handbook).

You’ll learn to:

  • Build a simple but attractive project management application
  • Generate both static and dynamic code with Rails
  • Write safe view helper methods
  • Design and implement data models
  • Plan for both seed data and development data
  • Connect data models together with associations
  • Build powerful controllers using the principles of REST
  • Implement full-featured forms with only a few lines of code

This highly-polished Rails tutorial video will give you a gentle introduction to the ideas that have transformed modern web development.

Available as part of a PeepCode Unlimited subscription (including streaming on our iOS app!) Business plans are also available.

Includes a typed transcript.


Watch Part I for a beginning introduction to Ruby on Rails. This screencast assumes that you have installed Rails and have started a simple project.

Revision 2 (Notes) · Updated: Feb 12, 2011 · Length: 92 min · 175 MB

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