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Receiving Email with Ruby PDF


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Previously called MMS2R

Web applications become much more useful when powered by the oldest communication technology on the Internet: email.

This 60 page PDF shows how to use the MMS2R RubyGem to receive and parse email from both desktop clients and mobile devices. You’ll learn about:

  • Using MMS and email as an API to your web application.
  • Understanding cellular and mobile gateways for sending and receiving MMS messages.
  • Setting up scripts to fetch and process email.
  • Automatically removing advertising inserted by carriers.
  • Testing mail reception with Test::Unit and RSpec.
  • Strategies for matching email addresses to user accounts.

As mobile devices become more common, applications need to be able to not only send messages, but receive communication from phones and other handheld devices. This book will give you the knowledge to build applications that accept input from email and MMS messages. You may even be inspired to start a new application, just to take advantage of how easy it is!

Written by Mike Mondragon and Luke Francl, authors of the MMS2R RubyGem and consultants on FanChatter and other mobile sites.

Available as part of the PeepCode Unlimited package or as a single purchase for only US$12!


Assumes basic knowledge of the Ruby language.

Revision 1 (Notes) · Updated: May 16, 2008 · Length: 60 pages · 1 MB

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