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Meet Node.js


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NOTE: The code download has been updated for the latest Node 0.6.10 release and NPM 1.1.1.

The Web has seen at least four major advancements in browser technology, about once every five years. Ajax has been around for five years, and we’re at the next jump: persistent connections between server and client.

Node.js makes it easy to write asynchronous, event-driven applications that serve static, dynamic, and persistent data to clients while using a minimum amount of RAM and CPU time. While other programming environments can accomplish similar things, Node has been built from the ground up to make this kind of programming painless.

In this 70-minute Node.js tutorial, you’ll learn to install, use, and understand Node by building a real-time geographical tracking system (live demo). We start with simple servers, static requests, and dynamically-generated content and then we explore persistent connections and client-side scripting.

You’ll learn to:

  • Install Node.js (including the latest 0.6.10)
  • Create a basic HTTP server
  • Use built-in and third-party code
  • Organize your code into CommonJS modules
  • Understand and catch errors
  • Build dynamic responses at various URL paths
  • Setup a development environment
  • Configure and use a Websocket server library
  • Write a browser client
  • Publish and subscribe to messages between browser and client

Most Node documentation on the web or in print is sparse or outdated. Blast forward into productive development and save yourself hours of time by watching our Node.js tutorial!

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Assumes basic knowledge of JavaScript, but also teaches you about code organization and JavaScript objects.

Node.js runs only on Mac OS X, Linux, and other Unix-based systems (Windows is not currently supported).

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