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Play by Play: Aaron Patterson and Corey Haines


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If you’ve ever heard, read, or met Corey Haines or Aaron Patterson, you already know this video is full of both genuine humor and practical insights.

We caught Aaron (Ruby committer, Rails committer, wildly popular keynote speaker) and Corey (world-traveling mentor and co-founder of Code Retreat) in Melbourne at RubyConf Australia. Even though they had limited experience working together, they had no problem communicating, laughing, and coding together like old friends.

PeepCode Play by Play is an opportunity to watch experts work (not a tutorial), but you’ll learn about the following topics:

  • Object design using the Ruby language
  • Pair programming
  • Test-driven development
  • Problem solving
  • How the 7-11 chain of stores got its name

Although this video has many laughs, don’t underestimate the quality of code that two experienced developers can write while focused on solving the same task. Their use of Ruby objects will change the way you design your own applications.

We watched this two hour session unfold in person, have watched it many times during the editing process, and plan to watch it many more! Available as part of a PeepCode Unlimited subscription (including streaming on our iOS app!) Business plans are also available.

Now available: A follow up video where refactoring specialist Ben Orenstein refactors the code written in this video.


If you’ve done computer programming of any kind, you’ll benefit from this video.

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