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Play by Play: Gary Bernhardt


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Level: Advanced, Expert, Double Black Diamond

Gary Bernhardt is the kind of guy who, if you saw him writing code in a coffee shop, would make you want to walk up and ask “How did you do that?”

In fact, I was with Gary one day when a total stranger asked that after watching him effortlessly wield Vim, Ruby, RSpec, Git, and the command line.

This screencast is part of a new series at PeepCode where we sit down with expert programmers and watch them work. You won’t learn a specific topic or build a deployable project, but you’ll pick up workflow tips and editor hacks that usually require years of experience to figure out.

In this hour and forty minute screencast, we tackle a simple data structure for the sole purpose of watching Gary work out a problem. If you’re like us, you’ll learn something useful whether or not you use any or all of:

  • Ruby
  • Git
  • Vim
  • The terminal
  • RSpec
  • Test driven development

Unlike most other PeepCode Screencasts, we move through this project with only minimal hand-holding. In fact, the protagonists even run into a bit of confusion and have to employ several strategies to get back on track and solve the problem!

Available as part of a PeepCode Unlimited subscription (including streaming on our iOS app!) Business plans are also available.

The next episode has been published! Catch John Barnette in Play by Play Episode 2!


This is an advanced screencast that assumes you have at least an intermediate familiarity with code editing tools. You’ll learn best if you’ve used one of more of: Ruby, Git, Vim, the command line, RSpec.

Revision 1 (Notes) · Updated: Dec 31, 2010 · Length: 100 min · 289 MB

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