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Play by Play: John Barnette


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Level: Intermediate

You may not know it, but you’ve probably used software written by John Barnette. He’s a committer to RubyGems. His initial attempt at fixing the test fixture problem shipped with Rails 2 over three years ago.

Whenever I code with John, I always walk away with something practical that I can use in my web applications.

This screencast is part of a new series at PeepCode where we sit down with expert programmers and watch them work. The point isn’t to create a deployable product, but rather to discover workflow tips and development hacks that usually require years of experience to figure out.

In this hour and fifty minute screencast, John tries to build a simple group chat application. And amazingly, he actually completes a prototype and deploys it! If you’re like us, you’ll learn something useful whether or not you use any or all of:

  • Ruby
  • Sinatra
  • Git
  • Emacs
  • The terminal
  • RubyGems
  • Test driven development with minitest and rack/test
  • Heroku deployment
  • Pusher real-time push web service
  • Isolate, John’s 500 line sandboxing and bundling library

Unlike most other PeepCode Screencasts, we move through this project with only minimal hand-holding. In fact, John even runs into a few problems and has to figure out the solution on his own.

Available as part of a PeepCode Unlimited subscription (including streaming on our iOS app!) Business plans are also available.


This is an intermediate screencast that assumes you have at least some experience with Ruby, Git, and test driven development.

Revision 1 (Notes) · Updated: Feb 01, 2011 · Length: 110 min · 282 MB

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