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Play by Play: Neven Mrgan


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Neven Mrgan is a designer at Panic Software, the award winning Mac software company in Portland, Oregon. In this video you’ll get a rare opportunity to step inside Panic’s offices and see a part of their design and development workflow.

We’ve been following Neven’s design and development efforts since the original iPhone was released. He was one of the first people to experiment with writing mobile-specific web applications for the iPhone. In this live session, we asked him to design a mobile UI for a theoretical trail hiking directions application.

Neven shows that experienced designers and developers go far beyond merely learning the latest software APIs or using the newest features of hardware. He applies his skills of analysis toward understanding the task, then finds relevant language to communicate the direction in which he wants to take it.

You’ll see Neven’s process as he designs a mobile interface for creating and displaying trail hiking directions, including:

  • Understanding an application’s context
  • Collaboration between designers and developers
  • Making comparisons to other disciplines (understanding trail directions as a combination of cooking recipes and highway signage)
  • Picking the view in which you spend 90% of your time
  • Mirroring a design to the iPhone with Skala preview
  • Using color to communicate commands
  • Picking a typeface
  • Testing prototypes with customers
  • Numerous pro tips for working with gradients, shape layers, and more!

Neven is not only a skilled designer, he’s also an eloquent teacher. In about an hour and 45 minutes, you’ll hear him talk through his design process and explain the decisions he makes along the way.

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Any designer or developer will benefit from watching this video.

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