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Play by Play: Aaron Patterson


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Aaron Patterson (@tenderlove) is one of Ruby’s most respected and loved programmers. He’s a committer to both Ruby and Ruby on Rails. He also has an epic sense of humor.

In this Play by Play video, we gave Aaron the task of writing a Rails app that queries GitHub and returns an activity score for any user. In the process he displays his dexterity with Vim, his knowledge of the Ruby language, and his techniques for solving problems.

Over the course of two hours, you’ll see a master at work. Although this isn’t a step-by-step tutorial, you’ll see the following concepts used:

  • Writing fast test cases
  • Powerful ways to use IRB
  • Git workflow within Vim
  • Working with a JSON API
  • Using ActiveRecord
  • Rails 3 development and testing workflow

The Play by Play series has been a hit throughout 2011 and Aaron was one of the most requested guests. Learn from his techniques in this two hour screencast!

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Assumes general knowledge of Ruby on Rails. The Vim text editor is also used.

Revision 1 (Notes) · Updated: Feb 25, 2012 · Length: 116 min · 500 MB

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