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Play by Play: Yehuda Katz (Part 2: Ember.js)


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READ FIRST If you want to learn Ember.js, you probably want our new Fire Up Ember.js video.

IMPORTANT This workflow video covers an ancient version of Ember.js. If you’re a fan of Yehuda Katz or want to watch him work through a simple app, buy this video. Otherwise, buy Fire Up Ember.js which covers the latest Ember.js in a step-by-step tutorial.

Yehuda Katz is a committer to several top open source projects, including Ruby on Rails and jQuery. He’s also driving the development of Ember.js, a framework for creating “ambitious web applications.”

In this live session, he finishes the project started in Part 1 by building a front end for a scoring system using Ember.js. In about an hour, he builds a search field that retrieves data from the server, calculates a score, and displays it.

You’ll see how he uses the Vim text editor, the Chrome browser, and other development tools to work through problems and implement a feature of the application.

This is an advanced screencast. We don’t stop to explain what’s happening (although Yehuda does talk about his thought process and workflow along the way). Topics covered include:

  • Reading the Ember.js source
  • Experimental Chrome browser features
  • Using computed properties
  • Building Ember.js models, controllers, views, and state managers
  • Debugging

Available as part of a PeepCode Unlimited subscription (including streaming on our iOS app!) Business plans are also available.


This is an advanced screencast. You should be comfortable with the JavaScript language.

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