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Rails 2 PDF


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Rails 3 is almost here! Check out our Rails 3 Upgrade Handbook for a painless transition to the new framework.

by Ryan Daigle, yFactorial

For over a year, Ryan Daigle has kept you informed on the latest updates to the Rails trunk. In this new 80-page PDF, Ryan discusses over a dozen new features in Rails 2.

Code snippets and examples show you how to use many new features in Rails 2. A section on deprecated features suggests third-party alternatives.

Still only US$12! Available to existing subscribers for only one PeepCode credit. And it’s an automatic free upgrade to purchasers of the initial Rails 2.0 version.

Also available in Español.

Revision 4 (Notes) · Updated: Jun 12, 2008 · Length: 80 pages · 779 KB

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