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Rails 3 Upgrade Handbook PDF


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Rails 3 is possibly the most anticipated release of the popular Ruby web framework. It’s been rewritten from the inside out with speed and stability at the forefront.

However, these extensive internal and syntactical improvements require some changes to your code and plugins.

Respected Rubyist Jeremy McAnally has researched and assembled 120 pages of useful tips and practical advice to make your upgrade path much smoother.

Save yourself hours of scouring outdated blog posts by purchasing this useful, up-to-date PDF guide. Whether you’re upgrading existing applications or starting fresh, it will put your wheels in motion with Ruby on Rails 3.

  • 120 pages of upgrade information
  • Step-by-step guides
  • Both high-level explanations and practical tips
  • A handy upgrade checklist for older apps
  • Two sample code projects

Our best-selling Rails 2 Upgrade Guide helped to establish PeepCode as an authoritative source of useful information. The Rails 3 Upgrade Handbook continues in this tradition. Buy your copy today!

Available to PeepCode Unlimited subscribers and credit holders, or alone for only $12!

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Basic knowledge of Ruby on Rails is helpful for understanding this guide. We’ll be updating our introductory screencasts for Rails 3 as soon as it’s released.

Revision 3 (Notes) · Updated: Jul 30, 2010 · Length: 120 pages · 45 MB

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