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Rails 2 from Scratch Part II


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  • The Rails 2 from Scratch Tutorial has been updated with new content for Rails 2.1!* If you purchased the previous version, you can re-download it by logging in to your account.

Part I of the tutorial introduced you to Rails and took small steps through views and controllers.

This hour and twenty minute sequel takes a bite out of database models. You’ll setup a simple MySQL database and use Rails generators and migrations to populate your database.

You’ll build models one piece at a time and experiment with them in the Rails console before starting on a full Rails application.

You’ll learn how to work with plugins (including acts_as_versioned). You’ll build a versioned book application that stores separate revisions and allows simple comments.

After watching the Rails 2 from Scratch tutorial video (and Part I), you’ll be ready to dive into Rails application development!

Includes the code used in the project in addition to our standard full quality (800×600 Quicktime Movie) and iPod video formats.


This screencast assumes that you have done some kind of programming and understand the basic ideas of variables, numbers, and methods. It also assumes that you understand the basics of HTML and CSS.

Revision 4 (Notes) · Updated: Aug 29, 2008 · Length: 81 min · 61 MB

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