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REST for Rails 2


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The first REST tutorial was the top-selling screencast at PeepCode for over a year. We’ve started from scratch and built this one from the ground up for Rails 2 (a few Rails 2.1 features are used, too!).

RESTful routes have been a big part of Rails since version 1.2, but they are also very confusing! They’re all about building your application to deliver HTML and API-friendly XML from a single piece of data.

The REST for Rails 2 Tutorial covers the basics of REST and walks through a simple application to show how REST routes work. You’ll learn about the magic that goes on behind the scenes and how you can design a REST application with confidence.

Routes, URLs, forms, testing, and general tips are covered over the course of 57 minutes of the high quality, professional production you’ve come to expect from PeepCode. We touch on ActiveResource briefly. Simple, clear diagrams are featured throughout.

If you are already familiar with how to build a Rails application, this REST tutorial will give you the knowledge you need to convert an existing application to REST or design a new app with the principles of REST.

Features a handy chapter track for jumping to specific topics. Code samples are included as well.

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This screencast assumes a basic knowledge of Ruby on Rails.

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