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Thinking Sphinx PDF

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MySQL (or Postgres) does a fine job when querying specific rows, but it’s not so great when it comes to searching on large text fields. Sphinx is a search service that makes full text searching quite easy and throws in extra features like boolean search (“rails OR merb”), word proximity, and custom filtering.

Pat Allan is the author of the popular Thinking Sphinx plugin for Rails (and Merb apps that use ActiveRecord!). He also wrote the Riddle gem for lower level interaction with Sphinx. Pat starts out by introducing the basic features of Sphinx, then dives straight into installation on popular platforms.

In this 60-page PDF you’ll learn to build an address book with Thinking Sphinx starting with simple searches then progressing onto filtered, sorted, and delta-based searches. You’ll learn about the geo-searching features of Sphinx, including integration with Google Maps.

He closes out the book with a 20-page reference that you’ll want to keep close as you use the more advanced features of Sphinx.

If you use MySQL or Postgres databases with text fields, this book will teach all you’ll need to know to work confidently with Sphinx.

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  • Understanding Sphinx
  • Installation
  • Building an Address Book with Sphinx
  • Reference
  • Additional Resources


Assumes a basic knowledge of the ActiveRecord Ruby gem with either Ruby on Rails or Merb.

Revision 1 (Notes) · Updated: Oct 24, 2008 · Length: 61 pages · 100 MB

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