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Unobtrusive Prototype.js

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By Jarkko Laine, workshop teacher and author of the Apress book Beginning Ruby on Rails E-Commerce

Modern web developers have learned to organize their server-side code into model, view, and controller.

Your front-end development can also benefit from organization into content and behavior, which is much easier to accomplish than you might think. Dare I say that it makes front-end web programming as easy as Visual Basic’s object and event hooks?

Jarkko Laine steps through the features of Dan Webb’s Low Pro library to help you attach functionality to HTML elements and events. You’ll see how Prototype.js can drive a full-featured application and give you organizational tools to keep your Javascript code maintainable.

Chapters include:

  • Towards Accessible Javascript
  • Brief History or Javascript on Rails
  • Introducing Low Pro
  • Refactoring an Existing Rails Application
  • Going DRY With Multiple Elements
  • Bubbling Performance with Event Delegation
  • More on Behavior Classes

Refactoring your front end code will make it easier to work with, easier to extend, and easier to use. Get the scoop with this PeepCode PDF book.

Available to all PeepCode Unlimited subscribers or as a single purchase for only US$12.


Assumes basic knowledge of Rails and of the basic concepts of Javascript programming (variables and functions).

Revision 2 (Notes) · Updated: Nov 26, 2008 · Length: 47 pages · 1 MB

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