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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are these screencasts safe for work?

  • Definitely! They are all G-rated and are highly recommended for friends, family, co-workers, bosses, and schoolmates.

  • Can I subscribe for a discount?

  • See our subscription page for details on all the bulk credit and yearly plans we offer (including business plans).

  • Can I purchase any other way?

  • You can pay via your choice of Google Checkout or PayPal.

    If your country or credit card is not supported by Google Checkout or PayPal, contact us at peepcode@topfunky.com for other payment options.

  • Are captions available?

  • We provide a transcript with most screencasts (ask us if you want a transcript and didn’t receive one).

    Captions are more difficult given the quickly moving nature of open source software projects. We will reconsider when video production and viewing software support captions better than they do now.

  • Are you planning an introductory series for people who want to learn Rails from scratch?

  • Yes! Rails from Scratch is now available as a two part series.

    We plan to update it for Rails 3 within the next few weeks.

  • Are you hiring?

  • We are producing multimedia minibooks in PDF format. Download our author guide. Contact us at peepcode@topfunky.com if you are interested in writing for us.

  • How often are screencasts and PDFs published?

  • Once or twice a month, with a goal of twice a month.

  • Are the files tarnished with evil DRM?

  • No. They are regular Quicktime files. We trust you to use them wisely and encourage others to buy their own copy if you think they would benefit from the screencasts also.

  • Do I get an upgrade when new screencasts are released?

  • Yes!

    Bugfixes to existing screencasts you’ve purchased are provided without an extra charge.

    Unfortunately, this offer doesn’t include:

    • New releases of a screencast translated into different languages
    • Completely revised screencasts for new versions of software

    We’ll notify you if a screencast you recently purchased was re-produced from scratch (to address a major revision of a software package). We generally give a free upgrade if you made a purchase within a few months of a major rewrite.

  • Why aren’t they free?

  • Writing, recording, and producing a PeepCode screencast takes 30-40 hours of work. A portion of the profits is donated to noble causes like the Rubinius Project.

  • Do you have an affiliate program?

  • No, we don’t offer an affiliate program and have no current plans to do so.

  • What equipment do you use?

  • Mics, pre-amps, and amps from Samson, Shure, and AEA.

    Hosting at RailsMachine.

  • iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Apple TV Viewing

  • Unlimited subscribers can stream and download full videos with our free app on the App Store!

    Upgrade to PeepCode Unlimited for the full experience.

    Unlimited subscribers can also download straight to iTunes and sync to mobile devices. Use this URL: https://peepcode.com/feeds/m4v/subscriber.rss

    If you’d like to stay up to date with our newest releases but don’t have an Unlimited subscription, don’t fret – you can still download the app! You’ll be able to stream preview videos of our newest releases instantly.

    Or, you can use native or third-party apps to view PeepCode content on your iPhone or iPad.

    Dropbox (referral link) can also sync videos over the air or save them offline.

  • Are there translations of the screencasts?

  • We don’t have any current plans to translate PeepCode material into languages other than English. We’re a small company and want to devote our time to producing new content.

    We experimented with publishing a few translations of early PeepCode content but there wasn’t much interest in our initial attempts. Most people want to read technical content as soon as it’s published in English.

    However, there is a Belorussian translation of this FAQ at Web Hosting Geeks.

  • iOS App: What devices does it run on?

  • The PeepCode App requires iOS 6. It runs on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and streams via AirPlay to the AppleTV.

  • iOS App: Why do I only see previews?

  • Full length streaming and download only work with a PeepCode Unlimited plan. Upgrade to enjoy the full app on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and stream to your Apple TV.

  • iOS: Why is streaming slow or chunky?

  • We’ve fine tuned our streaming architecture to work in the greatest range of environments. You’ll get the best quality feed that your Internet connection can handle.

    In order to start your video stream quickly, we’ll give you a lower quality version of the video for a few seconds while it figures out how fast your Internet connection is. You should see a bump up to higher quality video after 10-15 seconds.

    We support six levels of quality all the way down to audio only if you’re on crowded bus or a slow connection.

    Or, download the full copy of any video for maximum quality playback anywhere.

  • iOS: Is there a difference between streaming and downloading?

  • We’ve optimized our video streams for those on the go. It will adjust to your available bandwidth (all the way down to audio only). It maxes out at half of HD resolution, which still looks great for most videos. You can stream directly to an AppleTV for instant viewing.

    To get the best quality, full resolution version of any video, use the download button to store and play it directly from your device.

  • iOS: I think I found a bug. Where do I report it?

  • Send feedback or bug reports to peepcode@peepcode.com and we’ll help you out.

  • iOS: Why is a current Unlimited account required to view full videos in the iOS app?

  • We wanted to get this application in your hands as soon as possible.

    Shipping version 1.0 of this application with its current feature set (for Unlimited subscribers) was the best way to do that.

    We also needed to test and fine-tune our streaming architecture and worldwide digital delivery.

    A multimedia application like this involves more than just design and development of the iOS app. Several months of video compression, server tweaking, and other fine tuning were involved. Adding features like in-app purchase or single copy viewing would have delayed its release by several months or more.

    We can’t guarantee that single-video viewing will be possible in the future, but we’re looking at ways to make it happen (but no earlier than 2014).

    We can guarantee that you can get immediate access to full length videos in the iOS app by upgrading to Unlimited now!

    If you’ve been a PeepCode Unlimited subscriber at any time in the past, you can renew now for only $109!

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